Enthusiastic science and technology, hold dreams, went to Paris, Tokyo blue ribbon learning, building dream pragmatic.
Ingenious dessert, healthy innovation, to develop semiconductor nanometer process technology rigorous attitude,
Carefully selected ingredients, abandon the artificial chemical synthesis of additives, and strict control of quality, creating delicious and healthy dessert.
Carefully selected Japanese trehalose, French salt flower and Taiwan Hsinchu Baoshan brown sugar, the magic ratio to reconcile the rich taste of syrup, low temperature baking, covering forming.
Natural material, pure high fiber, no powder, no cream, no any artificial chemical synthesis additives, happy to enjoy, no burden.

Taiwan exclusive first, ingenious international gold medal.
Entrepreneurial first “ingestion of salt flower nuts oatmeal” won the 2016 Monde Selection Gold Award World Food Quality Award Gold Award.
Love and dream, health sharing.