Step1. In the list, click “Buy Now” to link to the Choice order form.

Step2. Please complete the form.

A. Determine the quantity of goods

B. Fill in the order information
– all with home delivery, please fill in the correct contact with the buyer, the recipient address.
– Company line number needs to be compiled, please fill in here.
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C. Choose the payment method
○ ATM / remittance, free shipping NT $ 100, full NT $ 3,000, enjoy free shipping.
– Please complete your transfer to the following account before 12:00 noon on the third day. After you have received your payment, you will be asked to ship.
– China Trust Baoshan Branch | Bank Code (822) | Account: 190540081622 | Si Commodities Co., Ltd.
○ cash on delivery, pay or credit card, in addition to freight, the need to add logistics costs, logistics costs are as follows:
The amount of consumption
NT $ 0 ~ 2000 | NT $ 30
NT $ 2001 ~ 5000 | NT $ 60
NT $ 5001 ~ 10000 | NT $ 90
NT $ 10001 ~ 30000 | NT $ 120
NT $ 30001 ~ 50000 | NT $ 150
Ex. Consumption is NT $ 880, due to NT $ 3000, NT $ 100 is required, and the amount is NT $ 30 in NT $ 2000, the total amount is NT $ 1010.
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Step3. After the order is complete, the system will send the order details to your mailbox.
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● Shipping costs: less than NT $ 3,000, free shipping NT $ 100. In response to cost considerations, the Islands order additional shipping charges, see: https: //, and currently only provide ATM / remittance payment.
● order goods need to retain 1-2 days flexible arrival time.
● After the order is established, you can not modify or merge the order and shipping. Please confirm and order.
● If the order is wrong, please re-order, and contact customer service to cancel the first single. (If you have entered the shipping process can not change)
● Please contact customer service if you need to inquire about shipping progress. We will inquire for you.
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If you still have any questions, welcome to the FB fan page private message or call to ask, thank you!